National Night Out 2017
Posted on Monday, October 02 @ 11:46:37 EDT (8 reads)
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Posted on Wednesday, September 20 @ 14:03:13 EDT (10 reads)


Due to the recent hurricane and resulting damages the following actions have been approved by the Board of Directors:

1. All sod violations have been closed for the time being. If you had a violation for sod it may be addressed at a later date if you are not in compliance.
2. Inspections will continue in order to close out those violations where the owners have complied.
3. No new violations will be issued at this time. The Board will evaluate further after cleanups have been completed and immediate repairs done as needed.

Please be reminded that if you had storm damage you may need to submit to the ARC for approval for replacement issues.

If you have any questions, please contact Management.

Please be patient with your neighbors and lets all help each other to make Alafaya Woods a great place to live!

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A Message from the Mayor of Oviedo
Posted on Wednesday, September 13 @ 11:36:43 EDT (11 reads)
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Meeting Rescheduled
Posted on Thursday, September 07 @ 11:59:14 EDT (12 reads)
Announcements The Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 12th has been changed to Tuesday, Sept. 19th. The Fining Meeting is still on that same date as well.
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Hurricane Irma
Posted on Wednesday, September 06 @ 22:51:03 EDT (33 reads)


Dear Residents,

With Hurricane Irma quickly approaching the state of Florida, it is important that you make sure your household is ready for this very strong storm. The Board and Management know it could possibly take different paths; however, this should not stop you from being prepared. Keep informed by watching the local news and weather stations.

Everyone must remove everything off their patios, balconies, porch areas and lawns immediately. In high winds, almost anything is a projectile. The entrance and exit gates (if applicable) will be set in the open position for emergency purposes. Once the all clear has been announced the gates will return to normal operation.

This hurricane is a massive storm and it is better to be prepared now versus hopes that this storm passes with minimal impact. Please take a few minutes to make sure you are ready before Hurricane Irma arrives.

Prepare your Hurricane Kit to include:

Battery operated flash lights, radios, clock and lanterns (extra batteries for all) Charge Cell phones
Matches, Garbage Bags, Manual Can Opener, Fire Extinguisher, Scissors, Duct Tape, Heavy Gloves
First Aid Kit with extra supply of medicine
Food and Water -Pack Non-perishable food for each person for 3-7 days and 1 gallon of water per person per day
Fill Vehicle Gas Tanks
Move objects away from windows and close blinds
Store important documents in waterproof containers

Prepare for your pets needs with extra non-perishable food and water for 3–7 days, locate and store tags, shots and medical records in water proof containers, have puppy training pads, carriers and leashes handy.

After the storm has passed and authorities have lifted the travel curfew, Management will begin assessing buildings and grounds for possible damage. Please notify your Manager after the storm has passed if you have experienced any damage or observed damage in the common areas. Sentry Management’s phone number is 407-788-6700.

Please check the Sentry website for updates concerning office hours and other important information.

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Welcome to Alafaya Woods Community Site

The community of Alafaya Woods is located within the city limits of Oviedo, in the southeast corner of Seminole County, Florida. Conveniently located near the University of Central Florida, Seminole Community College and the Reformed Theological Seminary, residents of Alafaya Woods also benefit from some of the finest "A"-rated public schools in Central Florida. Oviedo, once listed among the fastest growing cities in the country, is easily accessible from the Greeneway (State Road 417) and boasts choice restaurants, varied shopping establishments, a multiplex movie theater and the Oviedo Marketplace Mall. Some of the finest public parks in Seminole County are located in Oviedo, including a state-of-the-art skate park, Olympic-size swimming facility and sports complex. The Cross Seminole Trail is just the place to do it. You can access the trail in Oviedo at the intersection of 434 and 426.

For more information on the trail go to

All this and more make the location of Alafaya Woods and the over 2,200 homes therein a most attractive place to live.

Alafaya Woods is a covenant controlled subdivision governed by the elected Board of Directors of the Alafaya Woods Homeowners' Association. The Association is a Florida registered not-for-profit corporation. If you own a home in Alafaya Woods you are automatically a member of the Homeowners' Association.

The City of Oviedo has a new downtown develop planned. The first phase is to begin the fall of 2007.

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