Alafaya Woods

Reclaimed Water Pipe Break


Due to a pipe break in a reclaimed water line in Seminole County, the supply to the City of Oviedo has been taken offline.

Details of the damage have not been provided.  

The City regularly supplements its own reclaimed water supply with reclaimed water from Seminole County during dry weather periods as customer demand can sometimes outstrip the City’s own production rate of reclaimed water.  Due to the County’s pipe failure, City customers may experience periods of low reclaimed water service pressure and reduced service supply during high demand periods.  

This will be especially noticeable during dry weather periods which the City is experiencing right now.  Residents are asked to adhere to County’s watering day and time restrictions and be considerate of private irrigation system watering time durations, in order to conserve the City’s available reclaimed water supply.  An estimate of the County’s pipe repair has not yet been provided to the City.